organizing a warehouse for safety
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organizing a warehouse for safety

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organizing a warehouse for safety

Four Benefits Of Nickel Alloys In Commercial Manufacturing

Sam Gomez

One of the biggest decisions you'll make in any equipment manufacturing facility is the type of machinery that you're using. When your production line calls for the use of materials that could be hazardous, caustic or otherwise damaging, you need to be sure that your machinery is built for the task.

One of the most versatile metal choices you can consider is a nickel alloy, including alloy 20 or something similar. Here are four reasons to consider nickel alloys today:

Electrical Current Resistance

Any alloy that's high in nickel content will be resistant to the transmission of electrical currents. As a result, nickel alloys are a good choice for tools and equipment being used in a high-electricity application. Since the alloy won't transfer current, you can minimize your risk of electric shock.

High-Heat Tolerance

Nickel alloys are resistant to damage from heat, so they are able to stand up to high temperature environments without causing any damage. This makes a great option for manufacturing environments that demand intense heat.

Another benefit to nickel alloy is that heat doesn't cause it to expand the way that it can with some metals. If you choose a nickel alloy that also includes iron, you'll get an even greater resistance to heat expansion. If you're using the alloy in pipes that will be flowing hot liquid, this type of material keeps your pipe diameter consistent.

Oxidation Resistance

Every form of metal is at risk of oxidation to some degree due to the amount of oxygen naturally present in the air. Nickel is more resistant to oxidation than some other metals, so you'll have less concern about corrosion on the metal.

Ease of Welding

Nickel alloys are easy to weld, because it is easy to find welding material with a similar composition to the alloy. By welding with a similar material, you'll get a more solid, stronger weld. If you are concerned about the lasting durability of your welds or you're working in a demanding environment that is likely to threaten weld integrity, nickel alloys are a great choice.

Whether you are concerned about structural integrity, durability or other issues, nickel alloy can be a versatile addition to your commercial equipment needs. As with any alloy, you'll want to make sure that you know exactly what is included in the material, but you're likely to find that most nickel alloys provide these benefits and more for your manufacturing facility.

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