organizing a warehouse for safety
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organizing a warehouse for safety

Do you have all of the organizational equipment that you need to keep your storage areas organized and safe? If not, now is the time to begin looking into the industrial shelving that is manufactured for businesses just like yours. It was not until I lost a lot of product due to a stack of pallets falling over that I knew just how important it was to have shelving to stack the pallets of goods on. Sure, I was able to file a claim and retrieve some of the lost money, but it had a severely negative impact on my business. Learn more about how I reorganized my warehouse and improved the situation for my business, my employees and my customers.


organizing a warehouse for safety

The Magic Potty! 4 Ways To Stop Your Child's Fascination With Flushing Things Down The Toilet

Sam Gomez

Take a little one in the bathroom and they will be quite fascinated with a lot of things that they should not be messing with, especially the toilet. Many children will be curious about throwing something in a bowl, hitting a button, and seeing it magically disappear. Unfortunately, your child's fascination with the magic potty portal to nowhere can ruin your septic tank system if the wrong items are tossed in. In order to help your little one overcome his or her fascination with the toilet, there are four things that you can do to help.

1. Invest In a Toilet Lock - You can take a lot of the threat to your septic system out of the equation just by spending a few bucks on an inexpensive toilet lock. These locks attach to the lid of the toilet and clip it into place when closed, making it impossible for little hands to open the lid.

2. Keep Your Bathroom Door Locked from the Outside - Install a simple hook-and-eye lock on the outside of your door. Keep it at a height where your little one cannot reach and keep the door locked until someone in the household has to go inside. .

3. Explain the Septic Process to Your Little One - Children more than a few years of age are more perceptive than what you probably think. In some cases, just breaking down the septic process can take a little magic out of the situation. Teach them that things that go into the toilet do not simply disappear, they go through pipes and eventually end up in a tank where they have to be removed and thrown away.

4. Cut the Water to the Toilet - Every modern toilet should have a manual water shut-off valve located behind the toilet. If you have no choice but to leave the toilet itself unlocked, just turn off the water so nothing can get flushed away. It may be frustrating to turn on the water to the toilet every time you need to flush, but this is a lot less trouble than having to deal with septic system repairs.

Your little one may be overly fascinated with the toilet, but as a parent this can mean that you have a lot of problems with your septic system. Make sure you take the time to talk to a septic system professional about other recommendations. Click here for more information.