organizing a warehouse for safety
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organizing a warehouse for safety

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organizing a warehouse for safety

How Miniature End Mills Assist Employees with Circuit Board Assembly

Sam Gomez

Circuit boards have so many tiny little components and areas that need to be constructed delicately. While assembly machines can handle much of the work, the remaining details are in the hands of industry workers. If you want to know more about how this delicate work is managed, then you need to know more about miniature end mills and their applications in this line of work.

Miniature Screw Drivers

You have probably seen the very tiny screws used in circuit board assembly because similar screws are in your glasses. Even tinier screws are used to make circuit boards, too. Human fingers are much too large to handle screwing these screws in by hand, and no standard screw driver can manage either. That is where the miniature screw drivers come into play. Some miniature screw driver sets are manual, while others are power-driven and made especially for this industry. The electrical mini screwdrivers can drive several tiny screws into a board in under the time it takes for an assembly line employee to manually screw in just a couple.


Sometimes a circuit board aseembly technician can use just a little too much solder or bonding agent, or the electrical filament needs to be removed because it is crooked. Micro-sanders, hand held power tools with miniature sanding heads, work great for grinding away or grinding down stuff that should not be on the boards. These miniature sanding heads closely resemble the ones a dentist uses to grind down a tooth, and if the sanding heads can handle a delicate job like dental work, you know they can handle circuit board corrections.

Micro Tools of Other Sorts

Placing screws, holding wires in place and steadying micro-rivets all require micro tools of another sort. Usually, a couple of different tweezers are in every micro tool kit. Some may even be magnetized so that the screws are not dropped or lost. Unfortunately, some circuit board assembly requires that any and all forms of magnetic energy remain far away from the boards. So, the employees learn to operate with tweezers and other tools that can help steady their work.

The Next Time You Look at a Circuit Board

Now the next time you look at a circuit board, examine it closely to see how it was assembled. You may see where tiny screws were installed, or where a micro-sander ebbed off excess solder. Then you get a true appreciation for the delicate and difficult nature of the work and you can appreciate the all of the work the assembly line technician put into it. Take a look at sites like for more information.