organizing a warehouse for safety
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organizing a warehouse for safety

Do you have all of the organizational equipment that you need to keep your storage areas organized and safe? If not, now is the time to begin looking into the industrial shelving that is manufactured for businesses just like yours. It was not until I lost a lot of product due to a stack of pallets falling over that I knew just how important it was to have shelving to stack the pallets of goods on. Sure, I was able to file a claim and retrieve some of the lost money, but it had a severely negative impact on my business. Learn more about how I reorganized my warehouse and improved the situation for my business, my employees and my customers.


organizing a warehouse for safety

3 Situations In Which Crimping Is Better Than Soldering

Sam Gomez

If you work in an industrial profession that involves the transfer of dense quantities of electricity, you may need to set up special connections to help you in that regard. When faced with this need, you will typically have some scenarios that will cause you to decide to either use a crimp connection or a soldered connection. This decision is both a matter of preference and the needs for your particular project. When a project dictates that crimping should be used, you would be wise to expedite the work with a cable crimping machine. To learn which scenarios make crimping the better option, read on. 

#1: Crimping Is Better When You Need The Absolute Tightest Connection

When it comes to electrical configurations, you have options, but crimping should always be your go-to option when tightness is non negotiable. In terms of tightness, the crimp connection is far superior and prevents the connection from experiencing a cold weld. These crimped connections are gas tight and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your work is solid and durable. 

#2: The Installation Process For Crimping Is Drastically Faster

If you are pressed for time with any sort of project, then choosing crimping over soldering becomes a no-brainer. While soldering is methodical and time consuming, a professional contractor will be able to fully install a crimp connection in as little as 15 seconds. This quickness in installation is good for consumers, since it allows them to get up and running quicker, and is also beneficial for contractors, since they can take on more business due to speedy installation times, and make more money in the process. 

#3: Crimp Connections Are Better If Your System Will Undergo A Lot Of Upgrades And Maintenance

Though you have a choice between crimping and soldering, it is important to realize that crimp connections are more widely used today. So if you have a system that will constantly receive attention from IT professionals, either for maintenance or upgrades, you owe it to yourself to choose crimp connections instead. These professionals will be more used to using this method on a day to day basis, allowing you to rest assured that you are getting the best quality work done, while also making it much easier for changes. 

As you consider these three benefits, you should take inventory of your particular needs, and invest in a wire crimping machine to assist you.