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organizing a warehouse for safety

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organizing a warehouse for safety

Creative Uses For Your Plastic Storage Bins

Sam Gomez

If you have some stackable plastic storage bins you aren't using, you'll want to learn about some of the creative ways you can use them around your home. This article will provide you with many ideas to help get you started on using those storage bins for more than storage.

Store dog food

Your dog food can attract pests when you leave it sitting in the bag. Also, it won't last as long and can get stale. Pour it in the storage bin and put the lid on securely to keep the food better for longer and to prevent pests from getting into it.

Bathe your pets

When you bathe your pets in the tub, your tub will be filthy afterward. Also, pet hair will go down the drain, leading to clogs. It may be too cold outside to use your hose and this can be scary to your pets. By bathing your small- to medium-sized pets in a plastic storage bin, you can prevent this.

Store your child's toys

You can use different colored storage bins for your child's different types of toys. This can help teach your young child how to organize their belongings.

Use them as shelves

If your laundry room doesn't have enough shelves, you can take the lids off the storage bins and nail them to the wall. You can now use them to store your soaps and other cleaning products. You can also put your extra towels and other laundry in them.

Make a chick brooder box

You can take a clear plastic storage bin and transform it into a chick brooder box. You want to make a new lid for the box with wood and chicken wire. Put the food and water dishes and bedding in the box. Place the chicks in the box and hang your light above the lid.

Make a dollhouse

You can put the storage bin on its side and cut the lid to fit perfectly in the center of the bin. Use a glue gun to glue it in place. Now, your child can have a great time decorating their new dollhouse.

Make a play aquarium

You can cut the front out of the bin (leaving about an inch all the way around). Have your child color and cut out different fish made from construction paper. They can glue the fish to string and glue the other end of the string to the lid. When you put the lid on, your child can enjoy seeing their crafted fish swaying back and forth in their fish tank. They can even paint the inside back piece of the bin to look like the ocean.

These creative ideas are just some of the ways you can use your left over plastic storage bins around your home. Have fun coming up with your own ideas. If you are looking for storage containers, contact a company like Garland's Inc.